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Making an Insurance Claim After an Accident

By: Kevin Dowling BA (IMC) - Updated: 1 Sep 2019 | comments*Discuss
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The aftermath of a road accident is never a pleasant event, even if the damage caused was as minor as a dented bumper.

It may be hard to concentrate on the details after a shunt, but if you have to make a claim on your car insurance, you’ll need to know what to report, when and the key information that you’ll need.

Failure to do so accurately could invalidate your claim or drastically reduce the payout you are entitled to.

First steps after an Accident

It is advisable to contact your insurance company and tell them about the accident as soon as you can after the event, even if you do not want to make a claim.

Most car insurance policies specify a time period in which they expect you to report an accident. These time periods can be anything from 48 hours up to in some cases two weeks.

Check the wording of your policy carefully after an accident as if you fail to report it within the allotted time period the insurance company is under no obligation to continue with your insurance claim.

Other Drivers

If your car has been involved in a collision with another vehicle, the insurance company will want you to provide the details of the other drivers.

Try to provide the most thorough details that you can, including the vehicle registration of any other cars, the name, address and telephone numbers of the other drivers and their insurance company details also, although the name of the insurance provider is usually enough.

Information on the Accident Itself

Once you have given the insurance company details of the other parties involved in the accident, you’ll need to explain to them precisely how the accident happened.

You need to give them as much information about the accident as you can, as it will help them to not only process the claim but also, if necessary, make a judgement as to who was the cause of the accident.

Sketches and photographs are often useful, provided they were made at the scene and at the time. The best evidence is always through witnesses, however, so it is worth trying to get the contact details of anyone who saw the accident

Making a Claim on Your Insurance

When you contact your insurance company they will be able to offer you advice in how to take your claim forward should you wish to do so.

Depending on the level of insurance you have in place you may be entitled to free legal representation and a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is being repaired.

The insurance company will be able to contact the insurance companies working for the other people involved in the accident and it is left up to the companies to resolve the matter in a fair and reasonable manner.

You can make a claim on the insurance of the other driver following an accident if it can be determined that the other driver was either fully responsible or partially responsible.

If it is proved, you may be able to use the other driver’s insurance to claim for some or all of the following: repairs to your vehicle; recovery of the excess amount on your insurance policy; loss of earnings after an accident and personal injury costs.

Specialist companies will usually be appointed by your insurance company or broker who will assist in managing each element of your losses.

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While I was coming to work, one lady was driving in front of me. In the robot green light turned to yellow, she put sudden break. I couldn't stop it, and bumbed to her car. What I must do?? I am having third party insurance that means they will fix for her. But I am guilty to give her my details. Because why she put sudden break there, because green light just turned to yellow she supposed to go
Ana - 1-Sep-19 @ 12:00 AM
Can back to my friends motorbility car, I am named driver, to find someone had hit it and it had crunched front left side, we didn't notice the big black mark and cracked bumper as well, so my friend an elderly gent aged 75 phoned in with as much details as he was able and now Motability are saying that he never told them about the back damage.He did tell them as soon as we noticed as it was dark when we got back to the car, I had to pay £75 to get it all fixed, motorbility are saying we need another £75 to get the back fixed as the engineer is saying it's not consistent with damage on front, damage is on back bumper left side where it was or must have been shunted to hit the front into a metal rail, was a black car as it was paintwork on our white car. Please can you tell us what to do as we don't have anymore money, nor want to as it wasn't our fault
Frustrated driver - 12-Nov-15 @ 4:46 PM
My wife was reversing out of the driveway at our daughter's nursery, just after another car had also reversed out into the road. As she was reversing back the other car began to move forward, so my wife reversed into the car. Is that her fault? They are claiming it is, and are asking us to pay for the repairs. I don't really want to go through the insurance, as I don't want to lose my no claims bonus, but if it is not her fault then will our insurance company have to pay? There are no witnesses, and my wife appears to have admitted fault straight after the accident (I was away with work at the time) but it sounds to me like it surely can't be her fault?? Any advice would be most appreciated! S
siccy - 28-Aug-15 @ 5:27 PM
@mandm. report this to the police. You will then have a case number to enable your insurance companies to take further action.
TrafficAccidentAdvice - 23-Apr-15 @ 11:17 AM
I was sat at traffic lights after exiting the motorway . Alady run into the back of me I was still. She was very nice I was little shaken as I wasn't expecting it. She started towrite her detail down for me as the traffic was building up around us we said we best move to the side out of the way to exchange contract details . As we got back into the cars once id moved to move over she drove off . I tried to write the reg down but im not No sure ive got it right how do I stand with it . How can I pass this to my insurance help
manda mand - 20-Apr-15 @ 8:11 PM
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