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How to Avoid Road Accidents as a Motorcyclist

By: Tracy Whitelaw - Updated: 11 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Motorcyclists are in more danger on the road than car users as they have a lack of protection in comparison. In many cases, the difference between life and death for a motorcyclist could be wearing the proper clothing and helmet, so it’s essential to be a responsible motorcyclist.

Avoiding motorcycle accidents can be difficult at times, but as a bike rider, you need to always be fully alert and aware of other road users. What is a small collision for a car, can be a fatal collision for a biker, so following some simply safety tips may help you avoid a bike accident on the road.

General Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

You must always wear a safety helmet when you’re on your bike and always ensure any passengers are wearing theirs also. Make sure that your helmet is properly fitted and meets all standards and regulations. As well as your helmet, make sure you’re protecting the rest of your body by wearing proper biker outfits.

If you’re planning to ride in the dark, it’s essentially other road users can see you so wear brightly coloured clothing or reflective items to improve your visibility to others. Small essentials like these can keep you safe on the road and hopefully help you to avoid collisions.

One of the differences between riding a motorbike and driving a car is that manoeuvring is completely different.Remember that car drivers may not necessarily be aware of how you move your bike so it’s your duty to always be aware of them when you’re undertaking a manoeuvre. Check all around you and use your mirrors at all times.

If you’re in traffic queues and planning to move around them legally, be alert for pedestrians crossing between the traffic or other vehicles emerging from junctions. Staying at a low speed will ensure that you have time to think about what you’re doing and are giving other drivers the chance to see you before you do it.

Avoiding a Motorcycle Accident

There are a number of ways that bikers can protect themselves while out on the road on their bike. Taking simple straightforward steps will keep you safe and help you avoid road accidents.

  • Don’t weave through traffic
  • Although you may feel confident when weaving through traffic to avoid being stuck in a queue, other drivers may not be as vigilant as you with their mirror checks and may not see you. If you must try and overtake queued traffic, do so slowly and without weaving to different sides of the other vehicles.
  • Always use your ‘lifesaver’ glance
  • Whenever you’re about to move away from a stationary position or into another lane, always use your lifesaver glance. It’s a last second glance over your right shoulder into your blind spot area to ensure that there’s no other vehicles emerging into your path. This glance can be life or death, so never forget to do it before moving.
  • Watch your speed
  • It can be very tempting as a motorcyclist to open up the throttle and see what your bike is capable of. Many motorbike riders end up in accidents purely because they’re speeding. The slightest knock, bump or swerve when you’re driving too fast can cause you to lose control of your bike, so keep your speed down and be extra cautious when you’re in adverse weather conditions.

Having an Accident on your Bike

Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a bike accident, it’s important to stay calm at the scene. If you are able to walk away from the danger area, do so without trying to move your bike or other parts. Doing this may put you in further danger of personal injury, so try and get yourself to safety first. If you’re at all worried that you’ve been severely injured, don’t remove your helmet. It may be preventing you from further serious injury.

Assuming you’re ok and aware of your surroundings, try to remember as much of the accident scene as possible. You may need this for any claims in the future, if you arrange to see a lawyer to process your personal injury claim. Get the other drivers details and those of any witnesses also.

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