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Can Improved Road Systems Prevent Accidents?

By: Tracy Whitelaw - Updated: 5 Jun 2013 | comments*Discuss
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When it comes to road safety and preventing accidents, there are never enough ways to try to reduce the number of casualties that result each year from road accidents in the UK.

A variety of methods are continually being developed that try to improve road conditions, car safety and technology to help combat unsafe roads and drivers.

Through government sponsored initiatives, community involvement and business development, hopefully the numbers who are injured in road accidents will fall, for both passengers and drivers.

Car Technology and Accident Prevention

With statistics suggesting that around 95% of accidents are caused by driver error, it’s not surprising that technology is continually being developed to give our cars more control over any driving that we do. New vehicle technology aims to help drivers by assisting in an emergency situation, informing the driver of possible hazards and in some cases even removing driver control altogether.

Large automobile companies such as Mercedes-Benz have looked into the various stages of accidents and conclude that with their Integrated Safety Concept, they could improve the critical ‘accident’ stage where people are injured. They believe that by improving technology present in cars, there are ways of providing drivers with enough information to avoid road accidents before they occur.

They, along with other manufacturers such as Lexus include an early warning system in some of their cars that features radar guided pre-crash technology to brace the car for any possible hazard it senses. A way this works would be that the car realises it’s getting too close to a car in front and automatically hits the brakes, tightens seat beats and closes the sun roof, all while giving the driver an audible warning signal.

These road systems are not just based in the future, they’re very present right now in many top of the range cars and along with stability control, anti-rollover systems, ABS brakes and more, cars are making the correct step forward into reducing accidents.

Improving Road Systems to Prevent Accidents

Road conditions ultimately play a part in accidents from time to time and therefore it is the responsibility of not only drivers, but larger organisations to ensure that our roads are safe and hazard free at all times. Safety engineering is the term used to refer to people who design roads to improve road safety.

In the UK, systematic and continual identification of any hazardous road locations can help to cut down the number of accidents that occur. Often you will see signs warning that an area is a high collision area or some other similar warning. These areas are known traffic and accident hot spots and the road conditions here are probably hazardous most of the time.

Learning more about which areas have the highest collisions and which roads tend to suffer wear and tear most dramatically goes a long way to preventing further road fatalities. Many local authorities implement speed control devices such as speed cameras to encourage drivers to maintain the speed for the road and to hopefully reduce the problem of accidents.

For some, this seems to be a good deterrent, but as many of us know, it only works in the area around the speed camera, so overall is less effective as a road system to prevent accidents.

Knowledge of the Road Can Reduce Accidents

Ultimately, one of the best ways to improve road safety is to make sure that people using it have plenty of knowledge about conditions, safety measures and best practice. This means that not only should drivers stay fully educated about safety on the roads, but pedestrians should also.

The UK Government spend millions of pounds a year educating the public about the dangers of the road through their various road safety campaigns. Each campaign will generally target a particular area of unsafe driving and put across information to help people realise what a danger it is. Learning about road safety and understanding road systems encourages responsible driving and awareness of other road users.

Improving people’s common understanding and appreciation for others on the road can go a long way to affecting how they behave while behind the wheel of a car. In particular, young drivers and new drivers are particularly susceptible to these messages and nationwide initiatives are continually underway to try to target these drivers.

Overall, the best way to improve road systems to help prevent or reduce accidents is through a combination of approaches. Improved car technology, better road conditions, educated drivers and many other factors all combine to increase safety on our roads. There will never be a time where we are accident free, but working towards these improved systems and understanding will hopefully reduce fatalities on roads throughout the world.

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