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Can I Reduce My Driving Ban?

By: Tracy Whitelaw - Updated: 27 Jan 2021 | comments*Discuss
Driving Ban Banned From Driving Reduce


My son lost his licence in March 08 due to taking my vehicle, his full licence came through the same day. i was in the process of looking for inurance, but eager to drive he took my car without consent, which was not insured for him to drive.

He was later in court and charged for agrivated vehicle taking and no insurance, and forty pounds in court costs.He lost his licence for a year.

He wants to reduce his ban, we live in ebbbw-ale gwent and was wondering if there is a course near our area. He has shown great remorse for what he has done, and the judge did state that he did not have to sit his test the sentence was convivtion spent.

regards jane
(Mrs Jane Holloway, 14 September 2008)


A driving ban, whether it is through drink driving, dangerous driving, driving without insurance or other circumstances is a very serious matter. Many courts will consider that any individual who gets behind the wheel of a car in these circumstances have not made a genuine mistake, but rather are fully aware that they’re breaking the law. Due to this, it makes it very difficult to appeal a driving ban, but in certain circumstances there are options where you may be able to reduce the ban.

Many judges will determine that an individual who appears to be truly remorseful may enrol in a rehabilitation course or an advanced driving course in order to educate themselves about the dangers of driving under the influence or without insurance. Certain rehabilitation courses will allow you to reduce your driving ban by around a quarter of it’s intended time. If you’re banned for a year for example, this means that there’s the possibility of you being able to reduce this to a 9 month ban. To be accepted to the rehabilitation course however, you need to be referred by the magistrate of the Court which handed down your original sentence. Generally these courses are tailored towards those who have been given a drink driving ban and will usually cost around 250GBP. They tend to focus on educating drink drivers about how consuming alcohol can impair your driving abilities and usually last around 16 – 30 hours in total. For someone driving without insurance, it may be more difficult to appeal to the magistrate for a rehabilitation course attendance, especially young drivers who are a high risk group.

Throughout the UK there are a number of driving rehabilitation courses available that can help a banned driver reduce their sentence. You should seek expert advice however on how to appeal to the magistrate and also which courses you feel would be beneficial. Some companies that offer courses to reduce driving bans are shown below:

  • Drivewise – South East England
  • Drink Driver Education – Bucks, Berks, Oxon, Surrey, Hants
  • Aquarius – Midlands
  • Vernon Manfield Consultancy Ltd – England and Scotland
  • Norfolk TTC 2000 – Midlands, Wales and the North of England

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I received a 2-year driving ban for dangerous driving, I also have to take a mandatory re-test after the ban. Do you think there is anything I can do to reduce the length of the ban? I have been advised by my solicitor and others to appeal already but my mental health could not take seeing a courtroom again. It was my first and last time I will enter one.
LUCY - 27-Jan-21 @ 1:28 PM
I was handed a 12 month ban for drug driving Im an hgv driver for a living Not only have i ben band but ive lost my job and my way of supporting my family I was not aware thete was drugs in my system Is there any way of reducing my 12month ban
Shelly - 15-Jul-20 @ 1:34 AM
I’ve been given a 12 months ban and it’s my second ban, (insurance reasons) just wanted to know if I can apply for a reduction it’s been 6 months so far
McClure - 25-Jun-20 @ 4:02 AM
Hi there, I’ve been banned for 3 1/2 years second ban in 10years, can I appeal to get this reduced ? Thanks
Cms - 9-May-20 @ 2:11 PM
I have got a 3 year band. Second time being band can I go on another course even tho I dun one before 5 years ago and the courts didn’t give me the option to do another course is there any way I can do a course and get it reduced myself ???
Leo - 31-Mar-20 @ 11:36 PM
Hi, i got an 18 month driving ban last year for dangerous driving. I have completed my community payback hours. Is there any way I can have my ban reduced because it is really affecting me big time. Any advice please. Kind regards
Bobby - 24-Feb-20 @ 1:41 PM
I gota3yr 10 month ban 4 dangerousdrivingandI got23months prisonsentenceto gowith it....thaymade an exampleof meput me alloverthe news YouTubepolice sitesFacebook ext Charge wasbreachofhigh courtcar cruisinginjunction.... I needto tryangetmylicenseback Anyhelpplz..it'sbeen2 years now
Matty - 19-Feb-20 @ 9:31 PM
I got a 12 month ban for driving while banned and community order withch is almost over all my hours are complete can i get my ban reduced and how
David Caulfield - 28-Jan-20 @ 6:11 PM
I’ve recently have been put on a 2 years driving ban for driving uninsured car. I have read about getting my ban reduced from the gov website. How am I supposed to go about this. Write a letter fao the Judge ? or the crown court it self ? , can you point me in the right direction
Mansoor - 25-Dec-19 @ 3:29 AM
I was banned in June 2019 for 18months for cannabis, I was not offered a course, is there a way to get my ban reduced?
Dolly - 15-Dec-19 @ 8:38 AM
I was banned for 4 years in 2016, my driving ban expires end of next year. I have read about getting my ban reduced from the gov website. How am I supposed to go about this. Write a letter fao the Judge ? or the crown court it self ?
is - 18-Nov-19 @ 1:24 AM
I got banned for 3years for not giving my blood for a suspision of being under the influence of cannabisand not declaring who the driver was to my vehicle that was crashed by my friend i got banned in my absence at courthow do i go about getting my time reducedand am i entitled to a drive course to reduce ban i have 15month left ??
Twoc - 23-Sep-19 @ 9:44 PM
I was banned for 5 years and I have done 2 and a half years now. How long should I wait to start proceedings to get it reduced ?
Boz - 10-Sep-19 @ 12:58 AM
I was banned from driving for 30 months since December 5th 2017, it will be 24 months by 2019 December, I want to get advice as to how I can apply to the court to help reduce the ban by 6 months because it’s really affecting my work and I can’t get around seeing my child too.
Olad - 22-Aug-19 @ 3:33 PM
I was banned in 2011 for 10 years for manslaughter i was young and reckless I am now coming to the end of my ban is there anyway to remove the ban now as I have turned my life around and feel the only thing missing is a driving license to help with employment I am aware that I can appeal the ban by writing to the courts but who do I address it to and what would I say as I feel it's a formal matter I have no idea about what to reference in my application.
Mo - 17-Aug-19 @ 12:58 AM
I got a 2yr ban from driving last year, I wasn't offered the drink driving rehabilitation course. Is the a way to get the courts to give it now
Nigel3 - 2-Jul-19 @ 8:56 PM
I’ve recentlyhave been put on a 12 month driving ban for having thc in my blood whilst driving. They courts said I could do a course to reduce the sentence but would have to find the course myself, can you point me in the right direction
L - 12-May-19 @ 2:21 PM
I have been banned for 20 month for drink driving and I have passed the drink drive rehabilitation course but I still have 10 month left till my ban is up is there any way I could get the ban reduced again.
Jameskay - 2-May-19 @ 10:17 AM
i v been banned for 12 month with dangerous driving. can i apply to get my license back before end of that period
rob - 21-Apr-19 @ 10:57 AM
I got a 5year 6month ban I have 2year 6month left can I get it back befor
Jamesg - 11-Apr-19 @ 11:55 PM
Recently got banned for 9 months while working, a cyclist hit my vehicle door while I opened it and the courts fined me a took my licence away. Are they allowed to do this as it's not a driving offence. Any advice would be appreciated
Quicksilver - 5-Mar-19 @ 1:53 AM
Hi I got banned for 15month for dangerous driving need my license for my work can i appeal of reduce my ban
Raw - 21-Jan-19 @ 5:39 AM
Hi iv been banned for 2 years for driving under the influence off weed what could i do to reduce the sentence ?
Dan - 16-Nov-18 @ 11:49 AM
Hi I've been disqualified for 6 years on 16/08/2017. When can I apply to reduce my driving ban?
Frenchy - 20-Oct-18 @ 4:10 AM
Maz - Your Question:
I was wondering if I could get my drink driving ban reduced and looking for advice.I was banned from driving last year due to my partner kicking me out.knowing I couldn't drive through drinking my ex partner made me get my car of his land and all my belongings I was pulled over for drink driving I got 23 mths and the chance to do the drink driving course also.how would I go about this

Our Response:
Any mitigating circumstances should have been addressed at the time of the prosecution really but if you want to the length of the ban reduced, it might be worth contacting a legal professional.
TrafficAccidentAdvice - 1-May-18 @ 12:13 PM
I was wondering if I could get my drink driving ban reduced and looking for advice...I was banned from driving last year due to my partner kicking me out ...knowing I couldn't drive through drinking my ex partner made me get my car of his land and all my belongingsI was pulled over for drink driving I got 23 mths and the chance to do the drink driving course also...how would I go about this
Maz - 30-Apr-18 @ 6:33 PM
Hi I got convicted of drug driving back in September, for Cannabis, I was 0.3mg over the 2.0 mg. I have heard there is courses that I could take to reduce my ban. Just wondering what courses are availvable? I have stopped smoking all together and would happily take another drug test to prove this. As I live in the country side it is hard to get my daughter to school everyday and is costing me more on public transport than it is doing my regular shopping every week. If there is such a course how could I apply for it, thanks shane
Shane - 29-Jan-18 @ 10:18 AM
Iv been band for 60 months for drink driving and leaving the seen of accident , and my 3 rd affence and ban , iv done 18 months probation and a court order for alcohol course for 6 months and my fines are nil nearly and completed every part of my sentence and knot drank in 5 years nearly and kept out of trouble, and the only part to do is 9 more months. So iv don't 53 months so far and learnt my action and deserved my punishment , but and got my act together , it been long and bloody hard can I ask for a early return of my driver licence back as I have reabilated my self and near finish my punishment , but wot get me drug dealer pedophiles and murders and burgelor get out of prison and get a lessor sentence witch ain't fare, any answers or help I feel iv been punished for less ,
Phil - 19-Mar-17 @ 8:01 PM
Hi, I received a 12 month ban for having cannabis in my system, I'm a company director, I'm 56 years old, and I have severe problems both knees, and have also an amputated nerve in my spine, I'm also a farmer, since I was banned I have to continue with work, and cared for my animals, sheep, horses, pigs, and also doing my own, and my mothers shopping, I've been walking 20 miles a day, and it is now making very difficult to walk due to both my knees, I have seen the doctor, who as told me that if I continue walking I will damage my knees beyond repair, leaving me with no option but to have my knees replaced, the doctor said he is willing to provide any documentation an medical records, should I need to take my case back to court, I am in great pain both with my knees and back, I cannot use a bicycle as my knees both swell up an tighten, preventing me from bending them, the doctor is in no doubt that if I continue this I will end up disabled, I walk with the aid of a walking stick but it is becoming more an more difficult day by day, the doctor as also confirmed that I have osteoarthritis in both knees, and a tear of soft tissue under the kneecaps and also damage to cartalidge in both knees, please can you advise me what I can do to try and get my case heard to reduce my driving ban and possibility some other form of punishment, I've always had incident free driving and have never been involved in any blameworthy accident and have held a full clean licence for over 35 years, please help and advise me what I can do, kind regards Graham
Mac - 29-Dec-16 @ 6:32 AM
Shamus - Your Question:
Hi I got ban for a year through drugs driving on cannabis and is there any courses where I can reduce my ban by 25%? If so who do I contact? Thanks.

Our Response:
You generally have to be referred by a court in order to take a driver course that might reduce your ban, so you would need to speak to your solicitor about this.
TrafficAccidentAdvice - 5-Dec-16 @ 12:56 PM
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