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Accidents in Road Works

By: Tracy Whitelaw - Updated: 11 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
Accidents In Road Works

As the stress of increasing traffic on the UK roads continues, it’s understandable that there are more road works appearing on a regular basis. Whether the road works are there to improve current road surfaces and conditions, or to create entirely new roads, the likelihood of an accident involving them increases.

Many road works thankfully are now being carried out at night to avoid traffic jams and collisions, but for ongoing works, the chances of accidents occurring due to them is unavoidable.

Road Work Rules to Help You Avoid a Crash

If you’re on a road that you know has road works, there’s a very significant way of reducing your chances of having an accident – slow down. Dropping your speed by just a few miles per hour can have dramatic effects on collisions. If you are approaching road works, check your mirrors and then gradually slow down. If there are workers there, they will appreciate you being mindful of them and it also makes it much easier for you to manoeuvre any obstacles in your path.

Although road workers try to keep the road safe and clear of any debris, there may occasionally be some laying around. If you slow down, you’ll avoid the chances of hitting the debris or having it spin up into your path or worse, windscreen. Roadwork speed limits are there for a reason and you should always follow them. Even when there appears to be no other drivers around, follow the speed limit to keep yourself safe.

Road Traffic Accidents Involving Road works

If you’re involved in a traffic accident due to road works, you may find that it’ll be difficult to claim compensation. Road works are normally very well placed and highly visible. Most of the time, people who have a collision due to road works are considered to be at fault and to blame for poor judgement or reckless driving. Plan ahead when driving and always look as far along the road as you can see.

Road works are certainly an annoyance on our roads, but ultimately they’re improving our general safety and the signs are there to keep you safe when they’re being carried out. If you genuinely feel that an accident was caused due to poor placement of roadwork signs or indeed the road works themselves, you can approach an accident claims specialist to help you.

You should know though that it may be a lengthy battle as the department of transport are likely to argue that numerous other drivers have successfully manoeuvred their signs and road works without any issue.

Making a Claim if You Have an Accident Involving Road works

Traffic accidents involving road works are much the same as any other article when it comes to the law. It has to be decided who is at fault and as always, having witnesses and their contact details can help your claim. When you’re at the scene of the accident, you should collect as much information as possible and take photos if you’re able to.

Let the police know if you feel that your collision has breached the road works ability to keep other road users safe. The police will be able to correct the roadwork signs and other items to ensure nobody else is affected. Try to move your car out of the way of others if possible - road works may already be slowing down the traffic so removing your own obstruction may help keep it flowing. If your car is damaged or you are hurt, contact your insurer and inform them of the situation. They will be able to help you further.

Always remember, slow down for road works, plan ahead, notice the signs and speed limits and above all, be patient.

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