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Accident Claims Specialists: What to Be Aware of

By: Tracy Whitelaw - Updated: 26 Jun 2015 | comments*Discuss
Accident Claims Specialists Accident

With the recent increase of claimants for personal injury due to road traffic accidents, it’s no surprise that there’s an increase in the number of accident claims specialists available. There is money to be made in personal injury claims and many firms realise that with more people willing to pursue these claims, there is an area in the market where they can make money more easily also.

As with any kind of compensation claim, there must be genuine truth in the injury that has resulted due to an accident, however, what about genuine truth in the services offered by many accident claims specialists? There are a variety of points to consider when you’re deciding whether to employ someone to help you with your compensation claim.

Be aware of any potential issues you may face as your case progresses and knowing these can protect your interests best.

No Win No Fee Specialists

You will no doubt have seen many of the television adverts asking whether you’ve had a road traffic accident or a workplace related injury. These ads claim to be able to represent your case on an entirely ‘no win no fee’ basis. Many of these accident claim specialists are indeed happy to do this, because the other party involved in the case should cover their expenses.

However, in some occasions, these ‘no win no fee’ claims aren’t entirely true and you need to be aware of the small print. What some companies fail to tell you is that although it may be true that you don’t have to pay them up front or if you lose the case, there are still fees incurred. Many will represent your case on your behalf and then when you win, they will claim most of the money as their fee. You must always read the small print and never sign or agree to anything until you’re completely sure their ‘no win no fee’ deal is genuine.

100% Compensation Guaranteed

Another popular advertising approach by accident claims specialists is to state that they offer a ‘100% compensation guaranteed’ deal. The basis of this deal is that they’ll state you will pay nothing up front and will receive all the money you’re awarded as compensation. Also, they will explain that there’s no need to be concerned about paying their fees as they will seek reimbursement from the other individual who was involved in the accident.

This is a great way to get help from a specialist firm, but be aware that in many cases they will not take on risky claims. They will often be very selective about which areas the accident may have happened in and areas like Scotland are often avoided all together when it comes to these claims.

As well as this, some only guarantee 100% compensation with no fees if you win the case. If you lose, you may have to incur additional charges, so again, always make sure you’ve read the small print before seeking providing further instruction.

Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)

In 1998, the no win no fee services started after Legal Aid was altered and replaced instead by the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). The basis of this was that solicitors are only paid if they win the case they’re representing. It is basically a legal contract between the solicitor and the claimant that contains all the details about how any fees will be calculated and paid during the case.

Always remember that although the CFA states that solicitors are only paid if they win the case, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your position to pay them. The individual you’re making a claim against should pay them.

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