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Your Rights in an Accident Caused by Animals

By: Tracy Whitelaw - Updated: 20 Dec 2017 | comments*Discuss
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Every year in the UK there are numerous road accidents caused by stray animals making their way onto our roads. When you’re being taught to drive, the general rule is that you shouldn’t swerve to avoid an animal if there is a chance it could affect other drivers around you. Many drivers instinctively do the opposite however – swerving away from the path of an animal in order to avoid hurting it.

The danger with this is that often the driver will then cause greater damage by hitting another car, colliding with road signs or other stationary objects or even hitting pedestrians. The sad fact is that many of these accidents could have been less severe had the car hit the animal and the driver could possibly have made a compensation claim for any injuries.

There are various laws that exist in regards to traffic accidents with animals and these vary on the type of animal involved. In all circumstances though, if you are involved in an accident where an animal has been killed or injured you are required by law to remain at the scene of the accident.

Your Rights in an Accident Involving Livestock

Individuals who own livestock have a responsibility to always ensure that their animals are safe and secure and can’t escape or stray onto roads. Livestock such as sheep, pigs and cows regularly cause serious road accidents, especially on country roads around the UK. When it comes to the rights you have when you’re involved in an accident involving livestock, you must always be able to prove that the owner of the livestock has failed to keep them within a safe area.

If you are able to prove that the owner isn’t maintaining their livestock as they should, by keeping them away from roads, then you may have a case against them. They could potentially face you making an injury compensation claim as the person who has been involved in an accident with their livestock.

Your Rights in an Accident Involving Pets

There are hundreds of road accidents every year in the UK involving domestic pets. Over 100,000 dogs are reported missing throughout the UK each year, so it’s understandable that many of them will end up straying onto roads and causing accidents. If you’re involved in an accident with a pet, the same rules apply as exist for accidents with livestock.

If you are able to conclusively prove that the pets owner wasn’t in control of their pet and allowed it to venture onto a road where it causes an accident, then this means the owner is responsible. In this case, you would be justified in making a claim against the owner. Many homeowners will have road accidents covered in their household insurance, so seek the advice of a good solicitor to help you.

Your Rights and Making a Claim

If you think you are entitled to make a claim when you’ve been in a road traffic accident with an animal, contact a local solicitor for advice. Many will offer you a no win no fee service so you shouldn’t be out of pocket. Always remember to stay on the scene if you have injured or killed an animal in a road accident and if possible seek witnesses who have viewed what occurred.

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What if2sheep are hit but stopping in the dark trying to catch other strays on a corner of a 60mph road would likely cause injury to myself, other people or sheep. Knowingthat a Hgv vehicle is already on the scene to witness, control and report immediately.damage is sustained to the car what would the next step be?
Pete - 20-Dec-17 @ 11:00 AM
I was involved in a multiple car pile up caused by a driver swerving to avoid a stray dog. As I crashed into her because she swerved has she the right to claim damages.
Titch - 9-Nov-17 @ 9:40 PM
In February 2014 I was involved in a single car accident when a stray cow ran out in to the road and my car hit it. I had minor injuries, shock and had to claim on my own insurance.
Robyn86 - 17-Oct-15 @ 3:52 PM
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